How to Find and Hire Writers for Your Blog

How to Find and Hire Writers for Your Blog

When you set out to build a business it can be very easy to forget the importance of doing tasks which you are capable of doing and leaving things like website design and the on page optimization tasks for web designers and search engine optimization specialists.

Recently, while talking with an existing client about their website, they asked for the best approach for sourcing reliable and high quality content for their website blogs as they simply didn’t have the time to write the level of content needed to build trust with potential customers, convey your authority in your market, […] Read more

Best Google Rank Checker And Why You Should Be Measuring Rankings

Best Google Rank Checker And Why You Should Be Measuring Rankings

Being SEO’s, whether for personal sites or a client’s SEO, there are two main expectations or goals:

We either get Page 1 and position one ranking for our or the client’s site, and
Drive loads of targeted traffic converting into leads generating revenue.

Starting with the SEO procedure, we have to follow certain On-page and off-page rules, monitor things properly, analyzing the website flow and creating backlinks. With everything done smartly, we can achieve our objectives that include:

Visibility of the site and making it rich with quality content with error free HTML.
Eliminating the duplicate content and solving some canonical […] Read more

Increasing Website Conversions To Get The Most Out Of Your Business

Increasing Website Conversions To Get The Most Out Of Your Business

Conversion Optimization Lifecycle

For a profitable SEO Campaign, you need to have an excellent website which includes a landing page that converts your traffic into clients.

To convert visitors into qualified leads, or even sales, your squeeze page should contain info that is relevant to the information being sought out.

The easiest method to initially set this up is by putting yourself in your guests shoes, ask yourself questions like:

“Does this page include everything your customer needs” 

“Is the information clear and will it make sense to visitors”.

The best landing page […] Read more

The Power of Exact Match Domain Names

The Power of Exact Match Domain Names

Are you wondering how to create a website with serious SEO power? Then you will need to learn about exact match domains!

Using SEO tactics, like exact match domains, can help you to earn money online in a variety of ways. Especially when you take advantage of a free web hosting service. In this article, we will show you how to create a website that uses exact match domains, and we will tell you how to use these websites to earn money online, improve your webpage ranking, and much more.

What is an Exact Match Domain Name?

Exact match […] Read more

Common SEO Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Search engine optimization is a burgeoning field that is constantly changing as search engines improve their algorithms.  The result is that a great deal of previously useful SEO advice becomes outdated as rules change.  This in turn leads many people looking to advance their website with outdated suggestions that may cause more harm then good.

With that in mind, let us take a quick moment to review some of the more common SEO mistakes that people make when promoting a website or blog.  In addition, we will look at ways that you can avoid them.

Be Wary of […] Read more

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization, which basically comes down to optimizing content available on the Internet.

The main purpose of SEO is to improve the “visibility” of a webpage or an entire website where the results are displayed by the search engines. These search results can depend upon the page content, which is enumerated by search engines depending on various algorithms that are used in this process.

Search engines use several techniques and strategies to determine which link is to be placed first in the search results, and to have your […] Read more