Common Questions from SEO Easily Customers

General Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization, which basically comes down to optimizing content available on the Internet. You can find more information in our post “What is SEO“.

What if I Don’t Know the Best Keywords?

That’s completely fine. Keyword research is the first step and we will be in touch to discuss your input here anyway!

Can I Adjust the Keywords During a Campaign?

Yes, the Keywords can be adjusted during your campaign.

How Does SEO Easily Select the Best Keywords?

We use the latest tools to gather an entire list of keywords with great search volume and beatable competition based on your plan, which still has strong ‘buyer-intent’

Who Completes the Updates to My Website?

Each package includes a review of your website to find any onpage SEO issues that need to be addressed. We complete the updates for Level 2 and higher packages. Level 1 package includes detailed instructions.

What Happens at the End of Each Month?

You will receive detailed information on all work completed as well as reports showing the website ranking improvements over the past 30 days. We repeat the process each month to ensure you have a constantly improving website.

Payment Questions

How do I Start the 7 Day Trail?

PayPal is our preferred payment option and allows to confirm your subscription. This includes your free 7 day trial so you will not actually pay anything, it is just a pre-authorization for when you decide to continue beyond the trial.

What Happens After I Begin the Trail?

One of our SEO Experts will contact you within 24 hours to begin reviewing your website and determining your business requirements. You will receive a full technical audit of the site and the keyword research.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription at anytime you wish. Our systems generate an invoice at the start of each cycle. Should you choose not to proceed, you can simply not complete the payment and the service will be stopped.

Working With Our Team

Where is SEO Easily Based?

Our main office is located in Sydney Australia, however our team does do quiet a bit of travelling to visit various clients and often work from areas such as the US, the UK and Asia.

Do I Need Visit the SEO Easily Offices?

No. Only in rare cases is a face-to-face meeting required. All correspondence can be over the phone, messenger or via email.